Welcome to My Life

You can call me a Buddhist, Spiritualist, or Satanist. What ever description you feel fit me best, but I'm not religious. I believe in what I go through and not what books tell me. I don't believe in spoon fed religion. I'm against all organized religion. I'm a spiritual clubber/photographer. What you may find in a church, I find in the clubs and bars. I feel the vibe from the music and interactions I have with people. Whatever I search for I find it within myself. If the mind is as strong as they say it is. If we are the ones who set our own boundaries in our mind, I have to break all the boundaries that I hold in my head. My whole life is a spiritual journey. Whatever I call upon I will bring it into being. I have faith in myself and believe in myself, because that's the greatest thing I can believe in. I controll my own destiny.

Oh Yeah. I'm from Salt Lake City, Utah. I was born on a Sunday. I am not a child of God. I am Him.

I'm ChineseCambodian, but does it really matter??? I speak this thing we call "English." Whatever the fuck that is.

Anim Gifs I Made

V2 gogo <3 them

V2 gogo <3 them

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    Utah reppin!! If you haven’t seen any of these women dance, I feel sorry for you.
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    One day. Just you wait ‘n see
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    my dolls, my team,
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    i love them all basically (:
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    Best Gogo dancers out there
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    V2 gogo’s
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